Montreal, QB

We started our trip in Montreal for a few days. As a treat to ourselves, we took a morning cruise on a boat that served us a first class brunch in the bottom part of the ship. After we ate we could go outside on the deck to enjoy the views! 

We enjoyed pizza at a small place in Little Italy where we were staying. This restaurant was featured on "You Gotta Eat Here". Yum! 

Shawinigan, QB

Next, we went to a lovely BnB (little red roofed cabin) half an hour north of Trois-Rivieres. We enjoyed a nice warm fire at the cottage we stayed in and then a gorgeous hike through the fall coloured hills of Mauricie National Park. 

Quebec City, QB

We wished we had stayed longer in the Shawinigan/ Trois-Rivieres area, so if you go, plan to stay here for 2-3 days at least! Next, we carried on to Quebec City. This was definitely my favourite city that we visited. It's so unique and the plus is that you can walk almost anywhere and save on parking fees. 

We enjoyed walking around and seeing neat libraries, eating chocolate ice cream, playing frisbee on the Plains of Abraham, climbing 1000 stairs to see a waterfall, and we enjoyed Italian food in a cobblestone cul-de-sac. 

Ottawa, ON

After Quebec City, we stopped in Montreal again for one night, then continued down to Ottawa, our nations' Capital City! This was my first time there, and I loved it! It was very clean, easy to walk around, not too busy (mid-week in October) and lovely! We spent our days walking around Capital Hill,